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Browse the Internet on your iPad using the Safari web browser, and if you find a great web page you want to share, e-mail a link to it to your friends and colleagues.

Suppose you find a great page with medical information about possible treatments for an injury a friend sustained recently. You can quickly zip off a quick e-mail to your friend, along with words of encouragement for a quick recovery.

Perhaps you've discovered a web page describing new features of a competitor's product that's soon to be released. You can snap off an e-mail to your boss with your own analysis, and include a link to the web page for your boss to look at.

  1. .With Safari open and the site you want to share displayed, tap the Settings Menu icon.

    The Settings menu appears.

  2. Tap Mail Link to This Page.

    A blank e-mail message appears.

  3. Enter a recipient’s e-mail address, a subject, and your message.


    It often helps to explain why you want the recipient to visit the web page whose link you're including.

  4. Tap Send.

    The e-mail goes on its way. When the recipient receives your e-mail, he just needs to click the link to automatically start his web browser and display the web page.

The e-mail is sent from the default e-mail account you have set up on iPad. Any replies to your e-mail will come back to this e-mail address.

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