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On your iPad, you can browse web pages on the Internet using the Safari web browser. Display open web pages as thumbnails (small pictures) on a single page, in order to quickly redisplay a page you want to focus on.
  1. With Safari open, tap the Multiple Pages icon on the Status bar.


    In Safari, you can have up to nine web pages open at one time, and then jump between them as often as you like. When you tap the Multiple Pages icon, currently open web pages are displayed as thumbnails.

  2. Use these thumbnails to perform certain web browsing tasks.

    You can use the thumbnails displayed in Multiple Pages view to perform certain tasks within the Safari web browser.

    • Display a web page represented by a thumbnail in full view by tapping the thumbnail or pinching to enlarge it.

    • Open a new web page by tapping the New Page thumbnail and then tapping in the Address field and entering a web address (or URL).

    • Close a web page by tapping the Delete icon (the circle with an X in it) in the top left corner of a thumbnail.

Multiple Pages view has nine possible site slots. Clearing your browsing history doesn't clear the Multiple Pages view of sites you’ve visited recently. To remove sites from this view, you have to delete them one by one or wait for them to be replaced by more recently visited sites.

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