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The Contacts app on iPad isn't just a static database of names and addresses. After you've got contact information in the app, you can use it to reach out to people in several useful ways. You can use a contact's e-mail information to quickly send an e-mail message, share the contact information with somebody else, or find the physical address of the contact by using the iPad Maps app.

Addressing e-mails using Contacts

If you entered an e-mail address for a contact, it automatically becomes a link in the contact's record that allows you to open an e-mail form and send a message. It's a handy shortcut for getting in touch:

  1. Tap the Contacts app icon on the Home screen to open Contacts.

  2. Tap a contact to display their contact information on the right-hand page and then tap their e-mail address link.

  3. Use the onscreen keyboard to enter a subject and message.

  4. Tap the Send button.

Sharing contacts

After you've entered contact information, you can share it with others through an e-mail message. Sharing is especially handy when you've got locations in contacts, such as your favorite restaurant or movie theater.

Here's how to share your contacts' information:

  1. With Contacts open, tap a contact name to display its information.

  2. On the information page, tap the Share button.

  3. In the New Message form, use the onscreen keyboard to enter the recipient's e-mail address.

  4. Enter information in the Subject field.

  5. If you like, enter a message and then tap the Send button.

Viewing a contact's location in Maps

If you've entered a person's street address in Contacts, you have a shortcut for viewing that person's location in the Maps application. Follow these steps to pinpoint your contacts in iPad's Maps app:

  1. Tap the Contacts app icon on the Home screen to open it.

  2. Tap the contact you want to view to display his or her information.

  3. Tap the address.

    Maps opens and displays a map to that address.


Deleting contacts

When you need to remove a name or two from your Contacts, doing so is easy.

  1. With Contacts open, tap the contact you want to delete.

  2. On the information page on the right, tap the Edit button at the bottom of the page.

  3. On the Info page that appears, drag your finger upward to scroll down and then tap the Delete Contact button.

  4. Tap the Delete button to confirm deletion.


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