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Readers in the United States and Canada can use the Goodreads on Kindle app to join a virtual book club. The app requires that you sign in to Goodreads or create an account. If you create an account, follow the on-screen prompts and skip any linking opportunities, including adding books to Goodreads, because you can link later.

With this app, you select books and assign them to a default bookshelf: Read, Currently Reading, or Want to Read. You can follow other readers and favorite authors, and rate books.

From the Home screen, tap Apps (1).

From the Home screen, tap Apps (1).

In the Apps content library, tap Goodreads on Kindle (2).

The first time you use the app, it might need to download from the Amazon Appstore for Android.

Tap again to open the app.

Tap again to open the app.

You can tap here (A) to add friends from Facebook. Tap the Close button (B) to close this message. You can swipe in this area (C) to find readers to follow; tap a reader to follow that reader.

Tap the Navigation button (3) to open the Navigation panel.

Tap Add Your Amazon Books.

Tap <b>Add Your Amazon Books</b>.

You can tap Edit Profile (D) to change your profile and tell others about yourself.

You can tap any of the People options to identify other readers, such as your favorite authors and top reviewers, to follow (E).

The books in your Amazon Cloud account appear.

Tap the Want to Read menu button (5) to display a menu.

Tap the Want to Read menu button (5) to display a menu.

Tap Currently Reading, Read, or Want to Read (6). Repeat for each book (7).

When you finish, tap Done (8).

Note: You can add books you did not purchase through Amazon to your shelves. Tap the Search button at the top of the screen to search for them.

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