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Your Samsung Galaxy Tab can handle several users. Computers have long had the capability to allow multiple users on the same device. Each person has his own account and customized items in his account. It’s a good idea for a computer, but for a tablet?

It's not always practical for everyone to have their own Samsung Galaxy Tab. A better solution is to give all the folks, including the kiddies, their own user accounts on the device.

How to add another Galaxy Tab user

When someone else desires to use your Galaxy Tab, don’t just hand it over! Instead, create a custom user account for that person.

First, apply a screen lock to your account on the Tab. See the earlier section “Lock Your Tablet.” Ensure that the screen lock has at least medium-level security; PIN or Password locks are preferred.

Second, get together with the other human and follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Choose Cloud and Accounts from the left side of the screen.
  3. Choose Users from the list of items on the right side of the screen.
  4. Choose Add User or Profile.
  5. Choose User. See the later section “Configuring the Tab for a kid’s account” for information on the Restricted Profile account type.
  6. Tap the OK button after ignoring the Add User info.
  7. Tap the SET UP NOW button, and then hand the Tab over to the other person. The other person can continue configuring the device just as you did when you first set up the Tab.
Setting up an account includes specifying a Google/Gmail account and setting other options. Once this task is completed, the other user can use the Tab under his own account. All settings, apps, email, and other items are unique to his account. And he cannot access your account unless he knows how to work your screen lock.
  • I recommend that each user on the Tab have an account protected with a medium- to high-security screen lock.
  • The tablet’s first user (most likely you) is the main user, the one who has primary administrative control.
  • Remove an account by following Steps 1 through 3 in this section. Tap the Delete (trash can) icon on the account you want to remove. Tap the DELETE button to confirm.

How to switch among Samsung Galaxy Tab Multi Users

Multiple accounts on the Galaxy Tab appear in the upper right corner of the Lock screen. The current account is shown as a bubble. To select another account, tap the bubble, as illustrated in the following figure. Choose the account from the list, and then work the Lock screen to gain access.

galaxy-lock-screen Choosing an account on the Lock screen.

When you’ve finished using the tablet, lock the screen. Other users can then access their own accounts as described here.

How to configure the Galaxy Tab for a kid’s account

Don’t just hand over your Galaxy Tab to Peanut! Craft a kid's account for him to use. That way, you can set which apps are allowed or denied, as well as prevent him from downloading millions of dollars of apps, music, and video.

To add a kid’s account, follow the steps in the earlier section “Adding another user.” Choose the Restricted Profile account type. Yes, you need to apply a secure screen lock to your own account before you add the kid's account.

After creating the account, you see the Application/Content Restrictions screen. Here’s what to do next:

  1. Tap the account name, New Restricted Account, to replace it with your child’s name — or whatever name he chooses.
  2. Place a check mark by the Location Access item if you want his location tracked as he uses the tablet. Most parents prefer to keep this item unchecked.
  3. Swipe through the list of programs and place a check mark by the ones you would allow your wee one to use. These would include various games or whatever other apps you deem appropriate. Some apps, such as Google, Netflix, and Play Movies & TV, feature a Settings icon. Tap this icon to make further adjustments, such as determining what level of entertainment would be appropriate for your child.

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