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You have the ability to connect to hidden Wi-Fi networks on your Android phone. Some wireless networks don’t broadcast their names, which adds security but also makes accessing them more difficult. In these cases, follow these steps to connect to the hidden Wi-Fi network:

  1. Open the Settings app and choose Wi-Fi.

  2. Tap the Action Overflow and choose Add Network.

    The item might be titled Add Wi-Fi Network. Some phones may use an Add (plus sign) icon as the Add Network action.

  3. Type the network name into the Enter the SSID box.

  4. Choose the security setting.

  5. Type the password.

    The password may be optional. You may want to consider using password-less public networks.

    Tap the Save button or Connect button.

Obtain the SSID, security, and password information from the girl with the pink hair and pierced lip who sold you coffee or from whoever is in charge of the wireless network at your location. And you are well on your way to saving on data usage.

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. It is not considered a valid acronym for use in Scrabble, despite its pitiful 5 points.

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