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After you arrive at your travel destination, the Android phone may update the date and time according to your new location. One additional step you may want to take is to set the phone’s time zone. By doing so, you ensure that your schedule adapts properly to your new location.

To change the phone’s time zone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Choose Date and Time.

    On some Samsung phones, tap the General tab to locate the Date and Time item.

  3. Ensure that the Automatic Time Zone setting is enabled.

If the phone’s time isn’t updated, continue by choosing the Select Time Zone item. Pluck the current time zone from the list.

If you’ve set appointments for your new location, visit the Calendar app to ensure that their start and end times have been properly adjusted. If you’re prompted to update appointment times based on the new zone, do so.

When you’re done traveling, or when you change time zones again, ensure that the phone is updated as well. When the Automatic Time Zone setting isn’t available, follow the steps above to reset the phone’s time zone.

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