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If you have a jump drive, an external hard drive, or an SD card, you can use it without any major problems on a Chromebook. If your jump drive or external hard drive has a USB connection, simply plug it into one of your available USB ports. If your Chromebook has an available SD card slot, simply insert your card. Chromebook automatically detects your storage devices and makes them available to browse within Files, as shown here.


To navigate to your external storage, first select it on the left side of the Files window. Click and drag files or folders to the desired location.

If you want to move them to your Chromebook hard drive, just drag them to the Downloads folder that appears under Files on the left side of the Files window. Hover over the Downloads folder long enough to open the folder and then drop the files or folders on the right side of the Files window.

To remove your external storage devices, you must click the Eject button, which is located next to the device name on the left side of the Files window. Once you’ve clicked the Eject button, the device will vanish from your Files window, indicating that it is safe to remove from your Chromebook.

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