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Instead of displaying each photo or movie one at a time on your Nikon D7500 camera, you can display 4 or 9 thumbnails, as shown in the following figure, or even a whopping 72 thumbnails.

nikond-thumbnails You can view multiple image thumbnails at a time.

Here's how Thumbnail display works:


  • Display thumbnails. If the touchscreen is enabled, pinch in. Again, that means to put your thumb and a finger on opposite corners of the monitor and drag both toward the center of the screen. You also can press the Zoom Out button.

Either way, your first pinch in or press of the Zoom Out button cycles from single-picture view to 4-thumbnail view. Keep pinching or pressing to shift to 9-picture view and then to 72-thumbnail view. One more pinch or button press takes you to Calendar view.

  • Display fewer thumbnails. For touchscreen operation, pinch out: Place your thumb and forefinger in the center of the screen and drag both toward the edge of the monitor. If you prefer, press the Zoom In button instead. Each pinch or press shifts you one step closer to full-frame view.
  • Scroll to the next screen of thumbnails. Drag your finger up or down the screen or press the Multi Selector up and down.
  • Select an image. To perform certain playback functions while in Thumbnail view, you first need to select an image. A yellow box surrounds the selected image. To select a different image, just tap its thumbnail or use the Multi Selector to move the highlight box over the image.
  • Toggle between thumbnails display and full-frame view. To quickly shift from any thumbnails view to singe-image view, select the image you want to inspect. Then press OK or tap the selected thumbnail.

If a photo is displayed in single-image view, you can return to the previous thumbnails display by pressing the OK button. (There's no touchscreen equivalent for this operation.) If a movie is displayed, pressing OK begins movie playback. So instead, press the Zoom Out button to go back to Thumbnail view.

The four- and nine-thumbnail displays include the name of the folder that holds the images as well as the frame number of each file. In the figure, for example, the folder name is 100D7500 and the selected frame number is 0007. The frame number isn't the same thing as the filename; it just tells you which file you're viewing in a series of files. In 72-thumbnail view, the folder number and frame number of the currently selected image both appear at the bottom of the screen.

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