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Menu offerings on the Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D change depending on your exposure mode — Scene Intelligent Auto, P, Creative Auto, and so on — and whether the camera is set to Movie mode, Live View photography mode, or viewfinder photography mode. Setup Menu 2 contains these options:
  • Auto Power Off: To save battery power, the camera automatically goes to sleep after a certain period of inactivity. At the default setting, the camera nods off after only 10 seconds unless the camera is in Playback mode, Live View mode, or Movie mode, in which case it waits until 30 seconds have passed.

    You can adjust this timing so that 30 seconds is the minimum delay time (the 10-second variation is disabled at the 30-second setting). Or you can extend the delay up to as long as 15 minutes. To disable auto shutdown altogether, select Off — but be aware that even at that setting, the monitor still turns off if you ignore the camera for 30 minutes.

    Regardless of the shutoff time you select, you can bring the camera out of hibernation mode by giving the shutter button a quick half-press and release or pressing the Menu, Info, Playback, or Live View button.

  • LCD Brightness: This option enables you to make the camera monitor brighter or darker. But if you take this step, what you see on the display may not be an accurate rendition of exposure. The default setting is 4, which is the position at the midpoint of the brightness scale.
  • LCD Off/On Btn: Through this option, you tell the camera what to do with regards to the Quick Control display when you press the shutter button halfway.
  • Date/Time/Zone: If you didn't do so when following the initial camera setup steps at the start of this chapter, enter the time, date, and time zone now. Keeping the date/time accurate is important because that information is recorded as part of the image file. In your photo browser, you can then see when you shot an image and, equally handy, search for images by the date they were taken.

    When the Time Zone setting is active, the Time Difference value that's displayed is the difference between the Time Zone you select and Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC, which is the standard by which the world sets its clocks. For example, New York City is 5 hours behind UTC. This information is provided so that if your time zone isn't in the list of available options, you can select one that shares the same relationship to the UTC.

  • Language: This option determines the language of any text displayed on the camera monitor.
  • Viewfinder Display: Here's where you find the options that add a grid, electronic level, and/or a flicker detection warning to the viewfinder display.
rebel-setup2 Through the first option on this menu, you can adjust the delay time of the camera's automatic shutdown feature.

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