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It’s best not to move beehives around unless it’s necessary because it’s disruptive to the bees and a lot of work for you. But sometimes move you must. Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Plan to make your move in the evening when the bees are not flying.

  • Before making the move, tape up any extra entrance or ventilation holes you have drilled in the hive (duct tape works great).

  • Secure the hive together by using heavy-duty strapping tapes (available at hardware stores). These strapping tapes use a ratchet-type buckle to tighten the straps. Strap the entire hive together as a single unit: bottom board, hive bodies, and cover.

  • Staple a strip of window screening across the front entrance of the hive. Doing so will keep the bees from flying out of the hive (and stinging you) while providing them with adequate ventilation.

  • Use a hand truck to move the hive (an entire hive can weigh a couple hundred pounds). Get some friends to help.

  • Wear a veil and gloves in case any bees get loose. They won’t be happy about this move.

  • Once the hive is in its new location, wait until early the next morning to remove the straps and the entrance screen. This gives the bees time to calm down.

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