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Big brands are figuring out that if they add chia to foodstuffs, they can increase the nutrient profile of foods without affecting the flavor. Demand for nutritious food is growing as more people become educated about food and its effect on the body. The big brands are listening and supplying consumers with what they want.

Simply by using chia as an ingredient in their branded foods, they can keep the customers who are demanding healthier options, without sacrificing any of the great taste and flavor that their customers know and love. The number of chia-spiked branded foods in the United States has risen greatly in recent years. Today, you can find chia bread, chia pizzas, chia cookies, chia chips — you name it!

It’s not just the big companies that can add chia to their recipes. At home, you can easily add chia to all your favorite recipes. Next time you’re making grandma’s bread recipe, throw in a few scoops of whole or milled chia seeds. No one will notice the difference in taste, but they’ll be getting plenty of valuable nutrients to keep them healthy on the inside.

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