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Cubed pieces of mango make a great addition to everything from chutney to fruit salad. And cutting up a mango couldn’t be easier. You can cube a mango in two ways, in fact. This method involves peeling and then cubing the mango:

  1. Peel the skin off the mango.

    You can use a vegetable peeler instead of a paring knife.

    Peeled mangoes are very slippery, so be very careful with the knife! Keep paper towels nearby to dry your hands as you work.

  2. Use a chef’s knife to cut the mango in half.

    Slice along each flat side of the large pit.

  3. Place the mango pieces on a cutting board and slice them in parallel strips.

    You can add mango strips to a fruit plate, if you like.

  4. Cut the mango slices at a 90-degree angle to create cubes.

    Use these mango cubes in chutney or as a starting point for mango fondue, for example.

You can also cube a mango without peeling it. Check it out!

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