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Jewish cooks have created an amazingly varied selection of Passover desserts. They prepare their dessert batters by replacing the flour with matzos, matzo meal, cake meal, or potato starch. Flourless Passover desserts have a different taste and texture because of the ingredient substitutions, but they still taste great:

  • Cakes: With yeast and baking powder not permitted, cakes depend on whipped eggs to make them rise.

    To emphasize the holiday’s springtime theme, you may like to accompany each slice of cake with strawberry sauce or fresh berries.

  • Cookies: Macaroons are time-honored treats for Passover. You can make these delicious cookies from any nut.

  • Cream puffs: Make the dough for for cream puffs during Passover from matzo meal, rather than the usual flour.

  • Meringues: Crunchy, airy meringues are another cherished Passover sweet. You can make them plain or fold in a small amount of chopped chocolate or nuts for accent.

  • Pie crusts: You can make these from matzos or matzo meal, too.

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