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This batch of tools rides a current trend of displaying large amounts of data in a visually appealing way for your job search. Humans can consume a huge amount of data very quickly when it’s displayed in a graphically logical way, and infographics are entering mainstream media. Well, you can do the same with your professional history.


Vizify recognizes that people are multifaceted individuals with interests and activities that reflect their passions, so the team behind the free platform designed a service that helps you create a website to visually highlight all the bits and pieces of who you are.

Vizify takes your information — you can link to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter — and visualizes it in bubbles, charts, graphs, graphics, and uploaded images. It spreads your information out on different pages and gives links to your other sites, creating what the people at Vizify call a graphical biography.

This platform was designed with employers in mind, and its design is based on feedback from over 300 recruiters. By identifying the four most important data points an employer wants to see right away, this platform is more than just visually appealing; it’s based on function. also offers an infographic based on your LinkedIn profile. However, it also allows you to add sections and pages as well as greater flexibility in design. The design team has spend a lot of energy making its platform as flexible as possible. You can manually build your own infographics without having to import them from any other source, which makes this platform a fun one to build on. lets you create a minimalistic one-page profile to show off what you do best by embedding useful content, creating original content, and connecting your social networks to display links and statistics. In contrast to other pages like Zerply or, users can pick the best pieces of content that really show off their expertise instead of displaying their entire life.


Think visual portfolio for your personal brand. Workfolio is a web application that allows anyone to create a career-oriented visual website to highlight their personal brand. Using its integration with LinkedIn, Workfolio creates a starter website automatically which alleviates the “empty-canvas” problem of other website tools. It helps users register their own domains, choose an attractive theme, and create high-quality content so they can feel great about their website.

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