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TweetMyJobs is a great career-management company with plenty of traction in the U.S. employment marketplace. With more than 1 million job postings every month — including jobs from companies such as Starbucks, Kmart, and Comcast — TweetMyJobs leads the way in tweetifying the job market.

The site has been reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, on CNN, and in BusinessWeek. Even if you don’t plan to be very active on Twitter, taking a look at TweetMyJobs to stay up-to-date is certainly worthwhile.

As a job seeker, you need to engage in three primary activities on TweetMyJobs:

  • Subscribe to a job channel. A job channel is simply a Twitter feed that’s specific to your location and industry. Job channels save you from having to review irrelevant tweets for jobs you don’t care about in other locations. For example, you may subscribe to Boston Sales Jobs or Portland Writing Jobs.

    To subscribe to a channel, go to, create an account or log in, and then hover your mouse cursor over the Jobseeker Tools menu at the top of the page and choose JobChannels. Then you can sort by location, industry, or both. When you find a channel you like, follow it the same way you’d follow any other Twitter user.

  • Upload your résumé and then tweet a link to download your résumé to TweetMyJobs’s exclusive @TweetAResume account. @TweetAResume has more than 10,000 followers who are instantly alerted every time a new résumé is posted, which translates into terrific exposure for you!

    To get started, simply fill out your profile in TweetMyJobs (you can access your profile from the home page or the Jobseeker Tools menu). Then click on the Tweet my Resume button at the top of your profile page. Doing so sends a link to your public-facing profile to thousands of followers.

  • Create a social profile. Companies that post jobs through TweetMyJobs can view social profiles, so creating your own profile is like getting added to a company’s database of viable candidates. To fill out your profile, just click on Tweet my Jobs at the top of any page. Then simply fill out the form and click on Save.

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