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The domain name, or URL, is the web address for a website. For a job-seeking blogger, the domain name is the defining business card; therefore, it needs to be memorable.

Choosing a good domain name is closely related to choosing a title for your blog. Imagine that you’re at a networking event and someone asks what the name of your blog is. You have to say it out loud! And if your domain name is different from your blog title, you may confuse people.

Follow these steps for finding a blog title and registering the domain name:

  1. Decide on a title that relates to your topic in some way.

    If you can’t think of one after trying for a while, just use your name (for example, John’s Blog).

  2. Check your title with a domain registrar.

    A domain registrar is a website where you can purchase domains. Check here for an easy tutorial on buying and hosting a domain name. Enter your domain name idea, and if it’s available, you can purchase it for around $10.

    If the title you came up with is already taken, find another title and repeat Step 2.

    If you get stuck, just use your name with the suffix .net, .com, or .me. As your blog evolves and you find your voice, a great name will come to you. You can always change your blog’s name later and just redirect domains.

Whether you come up with a creative blog title or just use your name, purchasing the rights to a new domain costs a minimal amount of cash. However, you’re better off owning your own domain than purchasing one through a blogging platform because you want to be the one in control of your brand.

If a blogging platform purchases your domain for you, then the blogging platform owns your domain, making it hard for you to leave its service later.

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