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New companies have popped up that are specifically focused on helping you repair and maintain a positive online reputation during your job search. Of course, their services cost money. You can do the same things yourself, but if you’re the type who’d rather throw some money at the problem, here are some options.

  • BrandYourself: Although this is the most hands-on option, it’s also the most affordable. This service guides you through a link-building process around all your major social media properties. When linked together in just the right way, the average BrandYourself user boosts her profile ranking by two pages.

  • Virallock: This company was founded by a venture capitalist who was worried about his teenage daughter’s online safety. He gathered a team of experts to build a system to identify problems and solve them. When you pay for this service, an actual human being goes into your accounts and cleans them up for you. The company also issues take-down notices to websites with bad or inaccurate information about you.

  • Safe Shepherd: This service offers a pay-for-action model. After running a diagnostic on your online reputation, it shows you areas that need remediation or correction. You then pay if you want the company to take down that information or change it.

  • This company offers the most robust set of services, mostly done through its custom-built technology. After you log in, you come to a dashboard where you can take certain actions, like issue take-down notices or schedule alerts.

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