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Technology has grown to a point where job boards can actually know what kinds of jobs you’d be interested in based on the personal information you submit. So-called semantic job-board services allow you to do just that. With a profile on these services, great jobs get hand delivered to you.


WorkFu acts as a matchmaking service between job seekers and employers. When you fill out your profile, which dynamically links with your social media profiles, you are giving a Fu Score, which consists of who’s in your circle of connections and the relevance you have to a particular job. Using that score, WorkFu presents available opportunities to you with the more relevant ones at top.

And because they also work with employers, you can simply apply to these opportunities with your WorkFu profile. Their user interface is beautiful, and the system tries to learn what you like or don’t like as you sort through the opportunities.

Jackalope Jobs

Jackalope Jobs is a platform that helps job seekers find a job via their social networks. The web-based resource consolidates the practice of finding work through its intelligent search process, not just through keywords. Jackalope Jobs searches your social profiles and those of your connections to provide the right openings and right connections that can help you land your dream job.

Unlike most job boards (where you have to fill out one of their profiles and then they show you jobs whose employers have paid the most money), Jackalope Jobs allows you to use your social profile. Your connections through multiple social networks can help you in your search. If you’ve been using traditional job boards and haven’t been so happy with the results, this is a service worth a go.

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