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Having an edge will make you more visible during your job search. When the barriers to blogging went down along with the economy in 2009, websites like and started to appear, but the strategy of creating such a site isn’t very creative or compelling anymore. However, these campaigns do offer the following lessons that are applicable when applying to a job at a company with a well-known brand:

  • Growing a social media following is easier when applying to a big company with a brand name.

  • Building a social media following only works when you come across with authenticity and your story is compelling for others.

  • Sharing your job search publicly and authentically (like through your blog or website) can demonstrate your credibility as long as you don’t get into too much detail (like salary).

  • Having followers rally behind your goal to get a job can feel great and does wonders to your personal brand.

  • Using the names of big companies on social media channels gets their attention.

  • Having fun and being creative in your campaign can go a long way.

If you do have aspirations of making it into a large organization, you may consider trying out these techniques to get noticed. You never know what opportunities may arise by putting yourself out there.

Most small businesses compete against their larger counterparts through their market agility. They’re able to respond to customer requirements faster, develop features faster, and enter new markets faster. Being cutting edge and responsive in your own online presence is a great way of aligning yourself with the needs of a small business.

Shane Barker was hired by a small startup and eventually made into a partner. But his real dream was simply getting hired by the San Francisco 49ers. His blog post, “San Francisco 49ers Social Media: Why Hire Shane Barker” ultimately got him the attention of the startup community…not the 49ers. When you put yourself out there, you never know what surprises will happen.

By the very fact that you’re willing to adopt and use social media to manage your career, you’re not only communicating that you’re open to change but also demonstrating that you have what small businesses need to remain competitive. Don’t be afraid to leave comments on a company’s blog, interact with it on Twitter, and write about it to your own blog readers.

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