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If you’re interested in a posted opening for a specific position, chances are you already know the job requirements because they’re usually included in the job listing. But doing additional research on the role and responsibilities of your target company and the job you desire is still a good idea.

After you understand what hiring managers are looking for, think about your résumé script with the intention of directly answering that need. Here are some steps you can take to demonstrate your fit:

  1. Check out a handful of descriptions for jobs that are similar to the position you’re interested in.

    Looking at several job descriptions gives you a pretty good idea of what you need to say in your video.

  2. Make a list of the top five job requirements you think the position you want requires.

  3. Map each requirement of your target position to a story or statement you can add to your video résumé.

    Stories and statements help you show the hiring manager why you’re a great fit. In particular, tell stories about accomplishments or innovation. Try to come up with five professional stories or statements that illustrate how you can do what he needs you to do. Consider choosing the best three stories and devoting the most time to them; then you can briefly touch on the remaining two points.

Fit isn’t just about your ability to do the job. Showing fit in your video résumé includes showing your personality and what motivates you.

Whether you’re producing a traditional video or a slideshow commercial, customize your promotional piece for each type of position you apply for. Even better, customize it for individual positions or companies. You can easily produce a generic video-résumé foundation and later insert a customized introduction for each job. With video-editing software, you can just pop in your custom intro and follow it with your common video.

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