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LinkedIn is the highest-leverage tool for any professional at any stage in his or her career or job search. However, the more online profiles you have, the better your chances are of getting found. Think of using online profiles like casting a net to catch fish.

You want to facilitate the possibility of a recruiter finding you and reaching out to you. Although you can’t control who finds you, every profile you create increases your chances, the same way casting a net rather than using a line increases your odds of catching multiple fish.

The question is, with so many networks to manage, won’t you just be wasting your time? Although that’s a possible risk, following these tips can help make managing multiple networks much easier:

  • Establish a weekly routine or checklist with each of your networks and visit them at least once per week. Using a checklist for your weekly routine is a great tool because you don’t have to rethink about the same things each week.

  • Use the same username/password combination on every network. If the annoyance of having to remember a password is the first experience you have with a website, chances are you won’t go there much.

    Change your password every six months. Although the chance that someone will hack into a social networking site and steal data from the actual network itself is always present, updating your password twice a year can be useful in helping you avoid these hackers.

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