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You can’t build a profile or an online résumé with the following add-on tools, but they do each provide different types of job searching functionality that can help you enhance your online presence and attract more potential employers. These tools augment your online reputation and help you paint a clearer, more engaging picture of who you are.

1-Page Job Proposals

The 1-Page Job Proposal was co-founded by Joanna Riley Weidenmiller, whose father Patrick Riley is the author of the best-selling business book The One-Page Proposal (HarperBusiness). His work has one simple premise: If you can’t sell your idea to someone on just one page, then you haven’t thought enough about it.

Chances are that the people you’re making a proposal to are busy and don’t have time to read charts and graphs. So present the highest level information you can concisely. Well, Patrick Riley’s daughter Joanna figured that if that principle holds true in business, it most certainly holds true for job searches.

The 1-Page Job Proposal takes the job seeker through a series of questions and research to help them put together a proposal for a company they want to work for. The idea is that this proposal can completely replace a résumé.

Imagine you’re a busy hiring manager. You’re facing a plethora of business problems. You have a stack of résumés, and one of them is a well-researched proposal focused exactly on solving your problems.


Sometimes what people say they can do on a résumé isn’t always true, and employers know that. That’s where Smarterer comes in. Smarterer is a platform of tests, many of which are crowdsourced, meaning that the questions come from other expert-users in the platform, not from some authority.

When you do well on a test, you can post your results in the form of a badge on your website for credibility building. If you don’t do so well, it’s okay, because you’ve just learned about an area that needs some improvement. Think you know Photoshop, Java, or French? Test your skills and let the world know you can do what you say you can do.

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