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Host packets and opportunity (also called recruiting) packets for your direct sales business are like the sprinkles on your sundae. Business cards and catalogs may be your ice cream, but having the extra toppings takes your business up a notch.

These packets really show a potential lead that you mean business. A host packet is for people who are interested in hosting a party or for people you have already booked as a host. The items in this packet will cover more information about the products, your company's host program, company specials, and host coaching information. An opportunity packet focuses on sharing the business opportunity with potential leads. These typically consist of items that discuss the benefits of joining the business as well as information about the compensation plan and income structure.

If your company offers these for purchase, that's great! If not, you can easily make them yourself.

Generally, you only need a few things in these packets:

  • Catalog (in both host and opportunity packet)

  • A few business cards (in both host and opportunity packet)

  • Short letter from you (in both host and opportunity packet)

  • Host planner (in host packet)

  • Recruiting brochure (in opportunity packet)

  • A starter kit flyer that shows the contents of what a new team member would receive after joining (in opportunity packet)

  • Monthly specials and maybe a flyer about your company's upcoming incentive (in both host and opportunity packet)

You should be able to print most of these pieces from your virtual office. Keep these materials short and simple so you don't overwhelm your potential lead.

The actual information in these packets is secondary to the real purpose the packets offer: the opportunity for you to schedule one-on-one time to talk to the lead about hosting a party or starting a business.

You should always have at least six packets made up and ready to go. It isn't necessary to have them in your purse/bag at all times, but they should be somewhere handy, like in your car. When you are out running errands or at a party and the opportunity presents itself for a booking or sharing the opportunity you can say, "I have a packet in my car. Let me go grab it." Or say, "I have them right here." By having the information handy, you are visibly demonstrating this business is simple and hosting a party is simple to your prospect.

You never want to be caught without your packets. If people have to wait for information, they have already moved on to something or someone else.

Without being prepared, you run the risk of losing the moment. For many people, they are interested because something grabbed their attention. Maybe they are looking to buy a gift for someone. Maybe they wish they had a little bit of extra money and you present the perfect opportunity. Or maybe they think a party would be a perfect idea for a bridal shower they are planning. It's the moment when you can be a solution to their problem. And because what you offer fulfills that, they are willing to engage with you — in that moment. If you let the moment pass, you may not be able to gain back that interest at a later date.

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