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If you have an approved trademark, as an Amazon seller you can create an Amazon Brand Registry account and add your trademark to the Brand Registry, assuming you meet the following program requirements:
  • You have an active trademark that appears on your products and packaging.
  • You can verify that you’re the owner of the trademark. (You have a trademark registration certificate from the USPTO or you applied for trademark registration through Amazon’s IP Accelerator.)
  • You have an Amazon Brand Registry account, which you can create using your existing Seller Central credentials.
In the following discussion, we list the benefits of having your brand registered on Amazon and provide instructions on how to add your brand to Amazon’s Brand Registry.

The benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon’s Brand Registry delivers several benefits to brand owners, including the following:
  • Accurate brand representation: The listings you create for your branded products are the listings shoppers see. You’re the only seller who can change the content of your branded product listings.
  • Brand protection: Amazon prohibits other sellers from using your brand and provides you with search and report tools to identify potential infringements and report them to Amazon. In addition, Amazon’s predictive protection mechanisms identify and remove any content that’s suspected of infringing on your brand or providing inaccurate content about your branded products.
  • 24/7/365 support: As a registered brand owner, you have access to Amazon support teams 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of the year to answer questions and address concerns.
  • Brand-building tools: Registered brands have access to Amazon’s brand building tools including A+ Pages, Sponsored Brands, Stores and the Brand Dashboard.

Adding your brand to Amazon’s Brand Registry

When you’re ready to add your brand/trademark to Amazon’s Brand Registry, take the following steps:

1. Go to Brand Services and press the Get Started button.

2. Review the eligibility requirements and press the Enroll Now button.

3. Select the country-specific marketplace where you want to enroll your brand.

4. After the Tell Us About Your Business page appears, enter the requested details about your business and press the Create Account button.

5. From the Amazon Brand Registry page, press the Enroll a New Brand button.

Amazon asks you to confirm your brand eligibility, as shown.

Confirm your brand eligibility. Confirm your brand eligibility.

6. Answer the following questions and press the Next button:

    • Do your products and packaging have a permanently affixed brand name and logo?
    • Do you intend to enroll more than ten brands in the Brand Registry?
    • Do you have a brand name to be registered?

After you click the Next button, the Intellectual Property page appears, as shown.

trademark on Amazon Enter details about your trademark.

7. Enter the requested information, as follows, and press the Next button:

    • Trademark type: Open the list and select Word Mark or Design Mark.
    • Mark name: Click in the box and type the mark name as it appears on your trademark registration certificate.
    • Trademark number: Click in the box and type the trademark number that appears on your trademark registration certificate.
    • Trademark office: Open the list and select the country or region from which the trademark registration certificate was issued.

After you click the Next button, the Tell Us More About page appears, as shown.

trademark characteristics Describe additional trademark characteristics.

8. Answer the following questions about your trademark, products, seller and vendor accounts, and manufacturing and licensing:

    • Do you products have UPCs, ISBNs, EANs, or other GTINs?
    • If you sell your products online, let us know where (optional).
    • Does your brand have an existing relationship with Amazon? If it does, specify your role: Seller, Vendor, or Both. Otherwise, choose No, my brand doesn’t have an existing seller or vendor relationship with Amazon.
    • Does your brand manufacture products?
    • Does your brand license the trademarks to others who manufacture products associated with your intellectual property?
    • Where are your brand’s products manufactured? Select your answers from the lists provided.
    • Where are your brand’s products distributed? Select your answers from the lists provided.
9. Press the Submit Application button.

Amazon sends an email message with the case ID and another with a verification code to the contact you specified on your trademark application (you or your attorney). If you don’t receive these messages, ask your attorney to forward them to you.

10. Log in to Seller Central and scroll down to the Manage Your Case Log section.

11. Open the case message that applies to your adding your brand to the Brand Registry and choose the option to reply to the message.

12. Type or paste the verification code into your reply and choose the option to send the message.

The Amazon Brand Registry support team completes the brand registration process and notifies you of its completion within one or two days.

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