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Your business card is an extension of yourself — it's what you leave with people. Always having a business card ready for someone shows professionalism and preparedness. It's something that people expect professional business people to have on them at all times. Do you always have business cards with you?

Here are four key tips for business cards to make them more effective:

  • Say what you want to say before you extend the card. When somebody compliments you on your jewelry or bag or the lotion you're wearing, tell them it's part of a line you represent. More than likely, they will ask you if you have a business card.

    Once the card is extended, the conversation is typically over. So before you hand it over, take the time to say, "A great way to really see the products is by getting a few of your friends together for a fun girls night out," or "I love these product so much. They have made my life easier by . . ." or "This business is amazing. I am really excited by the way everyone falls in love with . . . ." Once that card is extended, the person takes it and usually walks away.

    When people ask for your card, let them know what you do and explain the services you offer (home party, online party, one-on-ones, and so on). Tell them why it would be fun for them and their friends. Start an authentic conversation — and then close with your card, and hopefully a booking.

  • Capture their contact information in return. Always say something like, "Sure, I have a card, but what I would love is to get your information so that I can follow up to answer any questions you might have." Or say something like, "I would love to get your information so I can send you a link to my website where you can view the catalog." If you don't get their contact information, you're likely to never hear from or talk to that person again.

  • Keep them in the same place. Be in the habit of putting your business cards in the same place all the time. You want to be able to access them immediately, without having to conduct a search. Get in the habit of checking before you go out to see if you need to restock.

    There is nothing worse than when someone asks you for a card and you don't have one. No one cares why you don't, so don't even bother giving them a reason. All they know and care about is that you don't have one for them. End of story. So be prepared.

  • Make sure they're clean. Consider a little plastic bag in the inside pocket of your purse. Otherwise, if they're floating around in the bottom, they may get scuffed and bent, or get make-up on them, or even worse, a cough drop or piece of candy could be stuck to them. That's not the way you want to be remembered.

    And gentlemen, don't put your business cards in your back pocket. No one wants to receive something you have been sitting on all day. Keep them in a shirt or jacket pocket.

If you don't have a business card, and your company doesn't provide them to you for free, get some made right now. Nowadays it's easy and cheap. There are many resources available to you online (many of which offer discounts or for free with purchase), such as and

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