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Here is a simple checklist you can follow as you take your first steps in your new direct sales business. Say for a second that you've picked your product and company and have decided to join up. What happens then? What are you in for?

While waiting for your kit:

  • Get a date book or calendar big enough to write in. This is where you will schedule your meetings, appointments, and parties.

  • Mark all the dates that you want to work for the next two months and add any personal conflicts to your calendar. If your goal is to work Tuesdays and Thursdays, then put a star on each of those dates. This will help you offer dates to clients who want to set parties or appointments with you.

  • Schedule your launch party. Your launch party is a party you host yourself that will launch your business to your family and friends. For best results, you'll schedule two launch parties within three days of each other.

  • Make a working list of people you know (50–100 names) and their contact info.

  • Post your plans on Facebook and tell your friends and family how excited you are about your new business.

  • Invite as many people as you can to your launch party(ies).

  • Schedule four to five additional home parties or appointments in a 30-day time frame. In this case, you will ask people who could not attend your launch parties to host parties of their own.

  • Invite a friend to start a business with you. Statistics show that when you start the business with a friend, your chances of success are much higher.

  • Set up your personal website that your company provides. Your company will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to do this. This is a website you will be able to share with your customers and use for marketing purposes. Customers will be able to order directly from your website and find out more information on hosting a party or joining the business.

  • Get to know your virtual office. Your virtual office is the portal your company will provide where you can place orders, access training, and get other company information. Don't get overwhelmed by your virtual office. Ask your leader to walk you through placing your first order and navigating your way.

  • Set up a space that you will use as your personal office.

  • Attend one or more of your sponsor's or leader's parties or interviews in your area. Learning from others who are already experienced in this business is a great way to become more comfortable with the presentation, selling, and recruiting aspects.

  • Create an outline for your presentation.

Once your kit arrives:

  • Set up your kit display and take a photo. Post it on Facebook to show your friends and family.

  • Familiarize yourself with the catalog and products.

  • Place your first order.

  • Order additional business supplies.

  • Set up your kit and practice your presentation and invite someone to come over to help you get some practice. Your presentation will include your product demonstration as well as the other elements of a successful party, like the opening talk, booking talk, and closing.

  • Open a separate checking/savings account for your business.

  • Invite more friends to try the business with you. Recruiting or sponsoring new team members is usually a component of your company's "Fast Start" program. You should be able to attract new recruits from your launch party and other parties.

  • Familiarize yourself with your company's Fast Start program. This program is designed by your company to help you succeed in your first 90 days of business.

  • Familiarize yourself with your company's compensation plan. Your leader will be able to walk you through this.

  • Learn how to coach your first host.

It may seem confusing, or even overwhelming. Don't worry. Most people join a company and then ask themselves, What do I do first? What does this jargon being thrown around even mean? And what do I really need to know, right now, to get moving so I can earn some money?

That is where the list of steps comes in. Keep coming back to it if you begin to feel lost. You will have a shorter learning curve and feel more confident if you pay attention to the list and seek additional guidance and training from your company — and especially from your sponsor and your upline.

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