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Party Plan direct sales businesses are a great fit for those who enjoy helping others discover new things, people who love to share the things they're passionate about, and for those interested in supporting the success of others.

There are two types of personalities who tend to succeed in the Party Plan model of direct selling. The first type is the one you probably already have in mind: confident, outgoing, never at a loss for words, with a strong personality and no fear of public speaking. The second personality type may be a bit of a surprise: the introvert who almost seems to shun the spotlight, possibly soft-spoken, but with a passion for the product and willingness to share that passion.

To succeed in the Party Plan model, you need to know your product, but you don't have to memorize every fact. It's perfectly okay to say, "I don't have that answer, but I do know I can call my upline or the company to get it. May I call you tomorrow to let you know what I learn?"

Another factor that will help you succeed in the Party Plan model is a willingness to engage people in purposeful conversations. In a purposeful conversation, you find out what is important to them so you can help them achieve what they define as success. Being someone they can look to for guidance and expertise in the areas related to your product line is also key.

As with the Network Marketing model, being passionate about the product is important to succeeding in the Party Plan structure.

Here are some other traits that are a good match for Party Plan:

  • Desire for a part-time income stream without a formal part-time job

  • Relatively immediate need for that income (new Party Plan reps can begin making income with their very first parties and often receive their commissions the night of their party or soon thereafter)

  • Comfortable being the "expert" or personal shopper and advisor

  • Desire to get out of the house and socialize

  • Love of the product and enjoyment in talking about the product line

  • Knack for entertaining and demonstrating

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