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Your launch party will set the tone for your direct sales business and will show your friends and family what it means to host a party, attend a party, and do business with you. Even though you're still new, and your launch party might not be perfect (it's okay! it's your first one!), it's important to prepare as thoroughly as possible.

That way, you can generate excitement and fill your calendar with bookings, your team with recruits, and your pocket with sales.

Now is a great time to reach out to your leader or sponsor. They will assist you in planning for your launch party, give you tips on how to best utilize your business starter kit, and help you with your booking and sponsoring efforts.

Here are some tips for planning your launch:

  • Choose a date and time as soon as you can. You have ordered your kit and are excited about your new venture. Within the next two to three days, get the date for your launch party on your calendar, as well as the date for your second (back-up) launch — see the next section for more on this back-up launch party.

  • Over-invite. One key to a successful launch is to have as many attendees as possible. Only about a third of those invited will typically be able to attend. Ideally, you would love to have 10–15 guests. Start making your guest list using your cellphone address book and your Facebook friend list.

    Probably the best way to invite is with a personal phone call. On the phone, the person on the other end can feel your excitement, which leads to increased attendance.

  • Build desire and create an interest. Social media is a great way to build excitement for your new business. Be sure to announce to your family and friends that you've started a new business and have created a Facebook Business Page where you share information about the products. Begin exposing your market to your products through photo posts, statuses, blog posts, and videos well before your launch party.

  • Explore your starter kit. The kit you purchased when you signed up contains everything you need to conduct a successful party, appointment, or presentation. Become familiar with the products in your kit as well as the benefits to using your products. You will use this kit for your launch party, so it's important for you to learn as much as you can about the products you will show. But don't worry, your leader will be able to assist you with questions your guests have about the products that you are unable to answer.

  • Study your catalog. Even though you will focus on demonstrating the products that are available to you through your starter kit, it's important to familiarize yourself with your catalog. Your party guests will be able to shop through the catalog for additional items that you didn't cover specifically in your presentation. If there is an item you know that your guests will love, be sure to let them know that they can see the item in the catalog.

    Make it a priority to also shop the catalog yourself — you will be able to get many other products for your starter kit through the host benefits you receive at your launch party. If there is a particular item you don't have that a customer is interested in but wants to see in person first, let her know that you'll be selecting that as one of your items from your host benefits and encourage her to host her own party where you can share that product with her friends.

  • Practice, practice, practice.

  • Attend a party with your leader. Another great way to get practice before your launch party is attending a party with your leader. Chances are you became interested in joining your company after attending a party yourself. However, you had a different perspective on the evening as a guest or host. Go to one of your leader's parties and watch how she gives her opening talk, demonstrates the products, shares the hosting and business opportunity, and completes a full-service checkout.

  • Learn from your leader: It is great if your leader can attend your launch. That way she can help you with your booking and recruiting talk, answer any questions you might not have the answer to yet, and assist you during the checkout process. However, if that's not possible, let your leader guide you and offer expertise and wisdom before and after the party. Beforehand, you'll practice what to say so that you're familiar with demonstrating the products and presenting the three parts of the party: opening, booking, and recruiting.

  • Review company training. Your leader wants you to succeed. And your company wants you to succeed. Your company has made training information available to you, usually online or in the form of a guide that may have came in your starter kit. Be sure to review this information — especially the training specific to launch parties, home parties, and online parties.

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