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The events and conditions that formed Millennial traits also led to a unique set of shared generational values. These values are central to the Millennial persona, and Millennials will apply these perceptions to every facet of the workplace. This table examines four core values, where they come from, how those values might prove to be assets, and where they might cause some friction.
Shared Millennial Values
Value Where It Comes From The Good News The Bad News
Authenticity Access to anyone and everything on the Internet and blurred lines between Millennials aim to forge authentic relationships with their colleagues. They may lean toward informality in the workplace that alienates or puts off other generations.
Efficiency Ever-improving technology and processes that streamlined everything They try to maximize efficiency in the workplace. They may cut corners (like having a conversation) in favor of getting things done.
Innovation Disruptive inventions and ideas that weren’t restricted to the upper echelons of society Rather than accept the status quo, Millennials speak up to share new and innovative ideas. They may challenge longstanding, vetted processes with little regard for those who put them in place.
Customization Unprecedented choice online and retailers that allowed Millennials to pinpoint specific items, rather than taking on the whole They take a unique angle and perspective on every project to ensure that an approach is always customized to find the right solution. They may want to “customize” their workday and work set-up so it suits their needs, which may be challenging to accommodate.

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