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Editors receive hundreds of press releases weekly and they toss out most of them. To make your press release stand out and get the attention of an editor, make sure your press release is professionally prepared, the content is important and newsworthy, and it’s short and to the point. These tips will help make your press release stand out even more:

  • Offer a free booklet or report. Readers love freebies, and editors love to offer them.

  • Set up a hotline for people to call for information or advice.

  • Stage a special or timely event or gimmick. A manufacturer of juice machines gained media coverage by holding “juicing seminars” in major cities.

  • Introduce a new product or service. Many magazines have special sections featuring new products and services.

  • Offer new literature. Many trade journals have sections featuring new sales literature (brochures and catalogs, for example).

  • Tie in with a current trend, fad, or news issue and piggyback on that coverage.

  • Sound a call to action. Ask people to participate in a boycott, for example.

  • Tie your publicity to your high-visibility advertising if it received a lot of attention and created some buzz.

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