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A natural cures approach to health and healing offers numerous benefits. Before investing time, effort, and money in any endeavor, it’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons so that you can make a well‐informed decision regarding the type of healthcare you want.

  • Provides a user‐friendly alternative to the typical doctor‐patient interaction. Natural medicine practitioners tend to treat people instead of illnesses. You’re more likely to get personalized care.

  • Treats the cause, not just the symptoms. The natural cures approach attempts to identify and eliminate illness instead of merely suppressing symptoms. This approach is more likely to result in a cure.

  • Empowers you to take control of your own health. A good natural healer is an educator, teaching you about your body and what it needs to be healthy. She doesn’t just hand you a prescription and send you on your way.

  • Eliminates or reduces prescription medication side effects. One goal of natural medicine is to reduce or eliminate prescription medications from your daily regimen. Less prescription medication means fewer medication side effects. No prescription medication means no medication side effects.

  • Improves your overall health. Natural medicine doesn’t merely eliminate illness; it strengthens the body overall. A body that’s in optimal condition is better able to fight infection and cure illness. Being healthy is far more desirable than merely being not sick.

  • Strengthens your immune system. Your digestive tract accounts for 70 percent of your immune system. Conventional treatments often undermine gut health by killing beneficial microbes that reside in the gut. Natural medicine promotes gut health by enhancing digestion and nurturing a healthy environment in which beneficial microbes thrive.

  • Enhances your mood, energy, and endurance. Conventional medicine screens people for illness. Natural medicine screens for deficiencies, allergies, and sensitivities to find out what to eliminate that’s making you sick and what your body needs for optimal function. As a result, natural medicine improves how you feel overall.

  • Saves money and time, due to fewer doctor visits. Natural medicine teaches you how to be healthy so that you can develop the knowledge and skills to prevent illness and heal yourself. You may spend more time getting up to speed on the basics and more money on groceries and supplements, but preventing very costly chronic conditions that degrade your quality of life will likely save you much more in doctor bills, prescription costs, and time off work due to illness.

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