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Methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA, pronounced “mersa”) is an infection caused by a strain of Staphylococcus bacteria that’s become resistant to antibiotics. If left untreated, MRSA may lead to loss of limbs or even death. MRSA first appears as small red bumps that look like pimples and may quickly turn into painful abscesses.

If you suspect a MRSA infection, seek immediate medical attention. Certain powerful antibiotics have been developed to fight this infection. Special medical‐grade manuka honey has been shown to be highly effective in curing MRSA — more effective than even antibiotics.

The natural cures approach is best for prevention and early treatment. Start with the anti‐inflammatory diet and drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. Avoid sugar and refined processed carbohydrates, which lower your immune response. Consume high‐quality organic vegetables and a small amount of low glycemic fruits. Support diet with one or more of the following supplements or topical applications:

Supplement Dosage/Application
Oil of oregano Take 50 mg with meals and before bed; you can also apply the oil topically
Tea tree oil Apply oil to affected area several times daily
Thyme oil Apply oil to affected area several times daily
Bioactive silver hydrosol (Argentyn 23) Take 1 dropper full three times daily and apply gel to the infected area

You can use any one of the topical treatments listed in the preceding or alternate any two or all three. Oil of oregano, which has been shown to kill MRSA, has the most research backing up its effectiveness.

Take all of the following supplements to boost your overall immune response to the infection:

Supplement Dosage
Whole beta glucan 500 mg twice daily
Vitamin C (mineral ascorbates) 1,000 mg two to three times daily
Probiotics (high‐quality multistrain) 30 to 100 billion CFU once daily (Note: If you’re taking an antibiotic, separate your probiotic from your antibiotic by at least four hours.)

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