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The alphabet is the building block of any language, Spanish included. The following table goes through the pronunciation of each of the 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet, which is the same as the English ABCs except for the extra ñ:

a (ah) b (bveh) c (seh) d (deh)
e (eh) f (eh-feh) g (Heh) h (ah-cheh)
i (ee) j (Hoh-tah) k (kah) l (eh-leh)
m (eh-meh) n (eh-neh) ñ (eh-nyeh) o (oh)
p (peh) q (koo) r (eh-reh) s (eh-seh)
t (teh) u (oo) v (bveh) w (doh-bvleh bveh/doh-bvleh oo)
x (eh-kees) y (ee gree eh-gah) z (seh-tah)

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