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To describe an action in superlative terms, French uses le plus or le moins followed by an adverb. (In superlatives with adverbs, the article is always le.) Easy enough right? Here’s how to make the superlative using an adverb:

  • For a superlative of superiority: subject + verb + le plus + adverb

  • For the best (the most well): subject + verb + le mieux

    The best in French has an irregular form, like English. But the superlative of inferiority the worst has a regular French equivalent: just say le moins bien.

  • For a superlative of inferiority: subject + verb + le moins + adverb

Here are some superlatives with adverbs in action:

Ma voiture va le plus vite. (My car goes the fastest.)
Les chanteurs d’opéra chantent le mieux. (Opera singers sing the best.)
Elle nage le moins bien. (She swims the worst.)

For the most of a quantity, simply use the comparative le plus de or le moins de followed by the noun. Another easy one!

  • For the most of something, use le plus de + noun.

    Example: Tu as le plus de chance. (You have the most luck.)

  • For the least, use le moins de + noun.

    Example: Cette région a le moins de soleil. (This region has the least sun.)

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