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No matter what country you are teaching in, use this handy checklist to make sure that you’re really prepared for each lesson when you’re teaching English as a foreign language.

  • I know what level my students are at.

  • I know who my students are – their nationality, language, background and so on.

  • I know how long the lesson is.

  • I set aims and objectives.

  • What I want to teach fits in with the course syllabus.

  • I know what my students need to know about this piece of language – its rules, patterns and so on.

  • I have an appropriate context for this language point.

  • I anticipated problems and have thought of ways to prevent them from occurring.

  • I have a planned activity or exercise for providing controlled practice.

  • I have a planned activity for providing free practice.

  • I have any materials I need.

  • My activities are communicative, which means the students spend some time interacting with each other to complete a task.

  • My teacher talking time is 30 per cent or under.

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