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Traveling in Arabic-speaking countries can be confusing especially if you can't read the signs or understand the instructions you're given. Learning a few useful Arabic travel-related words and phrases before you begin traveling can save you time and reduce your frustration level.

Here are a few general travel-related terms that everyone should know before making the big trip.

Hajz (reservation)
riHla (flight, trip)
Haqiiba, Haqaa'ib (suitcase(s))
jawaaz safar (passport)
ta'shiira (visa)
dukhuul (entry)
khuruuj (exit)
maTaar (airport)
baab (gate)
al-jumruk (customs)
istilaam al-amti'a (baggage claim)
Saalat al-wusuul (arrivals area)
Saalat al-intiDHaar (waiting [departure] area)
Haafila (bus)

Tickets and reservations

While traveling in an Arabic-speaking country, you often need to make or change your travel arrangements. The following words can help you with the reservation and ticket-buying process.

biTaaqa (ticket)
maw'id ar-riHla (departure time)
ad-daraja al-uulaa (first class)
ad-daraja ath-thaaniya (second class)

The following phrases are some of the most common questions that you might need to ask when making travel arrangements in Arabic-speaking countries.

  • 'uriid an ashtarii biTaaqa. (I would like to buy a ticket.)

  • 'uriid an usaafar ilaa . . . (I would like to travel to . . .)

  • 'indii Haqiibatayn. (I have two suitcases.)

  • 'indanaa thalaath Haqaa'ib. (We have three suitcases.)

  • mataa taSil aT-Taa'ira? (When does the plane arrive?)

  • hunaa jawwaz safarii. (Here is my passport.)

  • hunaa biTaaqatii. (Here is my ticket.)

  • 'uriid an usaafar bi-Taa'ira. (I want to travel by plane.)

  • 'uriid an usaafar bi-sayyaara. (I want to travel by car.)

  • bi-kam al-biTaaqa? (How much is the ticket?)

  • ayna-l-baab? (Where is the gate?)


Although many of the larger hotels in Arabic-speaking countries have English-speaking staff, you rarely find that in the smaller hotels and in the smaller towns. It will be helpful to learn a few Arabic words that can help you with booking a room at a hotel.

funduq (hotel)
ghurfa (room)
HawD as-sibaaHa (pool)
Taabiq (floor)
mukayyifa al-hawaa' (air conditioning)
balkuun (balcony)
sariirayn (two beds)
Hammaam (bathroom)
haatif (phone)
tilfaaz (television)

The following phrases can help you make or change your hotel reservations.

  • 'indii Hajz. (I have a reservation.)

  • hal 'indakum ghurfa? (Do you have a room?)

  • 'ufaDDil ghurfa bi . . . (I prefer a room with . . .)

  • bikam al-ghurfa? (How much is the room?)

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