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These three simple signs relate to the things probably on your baby's mind and can get you and your baby on the right track with two-way communication beyond “waaaaaah!” Sign with your child about what’s in his diaper, or whether the feeling he’s experiencing means he needs to go visit the potty, or where his cup is at the moment (and whether he can get it filled).

Signing about baby's diaper

One of the things babies often fuss about is the condition of their diapers. How fantastic would it be to have your baby sign DIAPER before she starts screaming? Regularly talk with your child about the condition of her diaper while simultaneously signing the magic word:

  1. With both hands in an L (index fingers up and thumbs out to the side), close your index finger and thumb together, placing your hands near the top of where a diaper would be, around the waist area.

  2. Open and close your fingers and thumbs two or three times.


Getting the sign language right for "potty"

Signing for a DIAPER change is a wonderful thing, but signing for the POTTY is even better. Just think, no more diapers to clean up. . . .

Even if your baby is too young to use the potty yet, you can always introduce the sign anyway, just so baby can hear the word and see the sign regularly. Say and sign POTTY all the time. The payoff down the road is huge.

Here’s how to walk the walk and sign the sign:

  1. Make an ASL letter T by placing your thumb between your index and middle fingers.

  2. Shake your hand back and forth a few times.


Communicating "cup" in sign language

CUP is one of those handy multipurpose signs — useful for all types of cup situations. The CUP sign will come in handy during your little one’s transition from baby bottle to big-boy cup. And the same CUP sign can be used for communication when your little one is trying to get into Mommy or Daddy’s cup. Additionally, your baby can use the CUP sign to actually tell you when he’s thirsty and wants his cup.

  1. Form the ASL letter C by rounding your fingers and thumb.

  2. Place your C hand on your opposite hand’s open palm.


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