A Filmmaker's Pre-Shooting Checklist - dummies

A Filmmaker’s Pre-Shooting Checklist

By Bryan Michael Stoller, Jerry Lewis

Part of Filmmaking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A pre-shooting checklist is a must for any filmmaker. Using a checklist helps you to prepare certain things before even setting foot on your set. Increase your chances of having a successful shoot by using this checklist:

  • Make sure the money’s in the bank (is your investor for real?).

  • Hire a great cook or caterer.

  • Buy insurance (for crew, equipment, and locations).

  • Book a professional still photographer for film stills (needed for advertising and posters when you set up distribution).

  • Secure location permits if necessary (so the police don’t bust you).

  • Make sure all contracts are signed with cast, crew, and location owners, and get releases from everyone on camera — especially background people.