Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts for Making Selections, Editing, and Zooming

By Jeff Strong

Part of Pro Tools All-In-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Changing a recorded track used to be a messy, inexact, time-consuming process that many engineers weren’t very good at. Even the steadiest hands couldn’t come close to the accuracy and variety now available (to even the clumsiest) through digital editing.

You don’t even have to move your mouse too much to speed up your work; Pro Tools offers keyboard shortcuts for many common functions, including selection, editing, and zooming.

To make a selection while your session plays:

  • Press the down arrow to set the selection’s start point.

  • Press the up arrow to set the selection’s end point.

To nudge a selection’s start point:

  • Press Option+Shift+– (minus key; Mac) or Alt+Shift+– (minus key; PC).

To nudge a selection’s end point:

  • Press Apple command+Shift+– (minus key; Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+– (minus key; PC).

To change the nudge value:

  • Press Apple command+Option++ (plus key on the numeric keypad; Mac) or Ctrl+Alt++ (plus key on the numeric keypad; PC) for more nudge value.

  • Press Apple command+Option+– (minus key on the number section of keyboard; Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+– (minus key on the numeric keypad; PC) for less nudge.

To choose Edit modes:

  • Shuffle: Press F1.

  • Slip: Press F2.

  • Spot: Press F3.

  • Grid: Press F4.

To choose Edit Tools:

  • Zoom: Press F5.

  • Trimmer: Press F6.

  • Selector: Press F7.

  • Grabber: Press F8.

  • Scrubber: Press F9.

  • Pencil: Press F10.

  • Smart Tool: Press F6 and F7 simultaneously.

To select Zoom presets:

  • Preset #1: Press Control+1 (Mac) or Windows key+1 (PC).

  • Preset #2: Press Control+2 (Mac) or Windows key+2 (PC).

  • Preset #3: Press Control+3 (Mac) or Windows key+3 (PC).

  • Preset #4: Press Control+4 (Mac) or Windows key+4 (PC).

  • Preset #5: Press Control+5 (Mac) or Windows key+5 (PC).

To change the grid value:

  • Press Control+Option++ (plus key on the numeric keypad; Mac) or Start/Windows+Alt++ (plus key on the number pad; PC) to increase grid value.

  • Press Control+Option+– (minus key on the numeric keypad; Mac) or Windows key+Alt+– (minus key on the numeric keypad; PC) to decrease grid value.