Basics of Google Analytics SDK - dummies

By Leslie Poston

If you make mobile apps or if you plan to have an app made for your business, you need to incorporate social media metrics. Google’s Analytics SDK (software development kit) gives you ways to do that for iOS (Apple’s iPhone and iPad) and Google’s Android platforms right from the beginning of your app process.


Some features you may find useful in Google Analytics SDK:

  • Easy Tracker Library: This is where activity tracking comes in. By using Google’s new libraries, you should be able to easily add the code snippets to your application to track activity, manage sessions, and push all calls to the Google Analytics tracker to the main UI Thread. This makes the SDK more responsive inside your app.

  • Mobile Playground: This is more of an open-source tool than a feature. It accesses all the APIs for Google Analytics available for Mobile Application developers in one place.

  • Better bug reporting and feature requesting: Google’s SDK team has created a whole analytics issues website to help you address problems implementing SDK and its features.

  • Mobile tracking documentation: This is now easier to find as part of the overall Google Analytics documentation.

  • *A whole new SDK version for both android and iOS: The new version of SDK for both mobile operating systems takes care of several issues, such as crashes and memory leaks.