How to View Your MSN Web Marketing Quality Score - dummies

How to View Your MSN Web Marketing Quality Score

By John Arnold, Michael Becker, Marty Dickinson, Ian Lurie, Elizabeth Marsten

Quality Score is a one aspect web marketers can use to help in advertising campaigns. You can view your Quality Score in MSN to help determine what changes should be made to your site. You will need to raise your Quality Score if you want to lower a high cost per click or change where your ad appears on a search results page.

MSN adCenter’s Quality Score focuses on your keyword’s competitiveness with other advertisers and places much heavier emphasis on the landing page. The three major influencers of Quality Score in adCenter are as follows:

  • Keyword relevance: The specific keyword itself and its relevance to other advertisers and ad copy in the adCenter marketplace.

  • Landing page relevance: The relevance of your ad and landing page to the searcher’s query.

  • Landing page user experience: An aggregate score assigned based on the quality of all the pages on your site. This is subject to your site’s compliance with the Microsoft Advertising adCenter Editorial Guidelines.

To see your Quality Scores in MSN adCenter, follow these steps:

  1. Open an ad group and click the Keywords tab.

  2. Click the Columns button.

  3. Select Qual. Score from the drop-down list and click OK.

  4. In your keyword list, hover your cursor over the tiny arrow underneath the 1-10/10 and click it.

    Your Quality Scores for all three elements display.


adCenter’s Quality Score is more of an indicator of competitiveness in the market and for landing pages. It doesn’t affect ad position or CPC cost.