6 Tips to Keep in Mind for the Praxis Writing Section - dummies

6 Tips to Keep in Mind for the Praxis Writing Section

By Carla Kirkland, Chan Cleveland

Part of Praxis Core For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Praxis writing section is mainly multiple-choice questions about grammar rules, plus some more multiple-choice questions about passage-editing and research skills before the two brief essays at the end. Here are some pointers to help you do well on the multiple-choice questions:

  • Watch out for comma splices. They’re the single most common reason why a wrong answer is wrong. Even if you’re hazy on some of the finer points of grammar, you should be able to spot a comma splice from a mile away before you take the test.

  • On the “No Error” questions, remember that just because an element of the sentence could have been phrased a different way, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong. You’re supposed to be on the lookout for actual rule-breaking errors, not just things that could have been said differently.

  • Don’t be afraid to pick “No Error.” It’s the right answer as often as any other choice is.

  • Remember to keep your eyes peeled for capitalization errors. Unlike most other standardized tests for older students, the Praxis does include questions involving capitalization rules.

  • When reading the long passage on the “editing passage” questions, keep an eye out for sentences that seem awkward or out of place. That’s a sign that questions about them are coming up.

  • Research questions can usually be answered with common sense, even if your academic background is not that strong. The good old “which of these things is not like the others” system is very helpful on the research questions.