EMT Exam: Tips for Performing Light Rescue - dummies

EMT Exam: Tips for Performing Light Rescue

By Arthur Hsieh

Depending on where you work (and for definitely for the EMT exam), you may be required to know how to perform simple rescue operations. These may include breaking a car window safely with a window punch, prying open a stuck car door with a pry bar, or stabilizing a vehicle that is on its side with cribbing.

At the very least, when at the scene of a motor vehicle crash, you must make sure that the ignition is turned off and that the vehicle is in park before you begin your assessment and treatment.

You are responding to an emergency call using your lights and siren. As you approach a busy intersection, you observe that the traffic light facing you is red. The traffic crossing through the intersection is not stopping. You should

  • (A)proceed into the intersection at the same rate you are traveling.

  • (B)stop at the light and wait for traffic to stop.

  • (C)use your air horn while continuing into the intersection.

  • (D)slow down and proceed through the intersection.

The best answer is Choice (B). Using your lights and siren does not allow you to drive without due regard for other drivers. Choices (A) and (D) will place you at great risk for a crash; an air horn, Choice (C), may not be heard by drivers who are moving across the intersection until they are directly in front of you.