How to Edit Web Part Properties in SharePoint 2013 - dummies

How to Edit Web Part Properties in SharePoint 2013

By Ken Withee

Editing Web Part properties in SharePoint is pretty straightforward. Experimenting is the key. The most commonly used sections are located at the top of the tool pane: Selected View, Toolbar, and Appearance. Many users don’t realize how much they can enhance the user experience with the Web Part by using the options available.

To open the Web Part tool pane and modify Web Part properties, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Web Part menu on the Web Part and choose Edit Web Part.

    The tool pane opens. You see several of the categories of properties that I describe in the preceding list. You may need to click the plus sign to open certain sections.

    You need to be in page Edit mode before the drop-down list to select Edit Web Part appears.

  2. Adjust properties as desired.

    Make your selections based on the categories and options that describe in the preceding list or other options available per the specific Web Part.

  3. Click the Apply button to apply your current changes before modifying others, or click OK to finish modifying.

    Your changes are visible in the Web Part.