Design Tips to Use with Microsoft Publisher 2007 - dummies

Design Tips to Use with Microsoft Publisher 2007

By Jim McCarter, Jacqui Salerno Mabin

Part of Microsoft Publisher 2007 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The following list offers good publication design tips whether you’re using Microsoft Publisher 2007 or some other publishing software. If you’re taking the time to publish anything, spend some time reading through these tips and using of them:

  • Design your publication for the right audience.

  • Talk to your printer early in the project.

  • Check with your print shop to be sure that you’re using the right printer driver.

  • Use white space.

  • Use a simple design that highlights the important parts of your publication.

  • Add contrast to spice up your pages and keep readers interested.

  • Plan carefully for the number of copies that you need — don’t print extra!

  • Try to substitute less expensive elements or processes to avoid going over your budget.

  • Be aware of copyright laws and follow them.

  • Scan graphics at the resolution you will use to print them.