How to Shorten Project Time with Microsoft Office Project 2007

By Nancy C. Muir

Part of Microsoft Office Project 2007 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You estimate the length of a project as best you can, but if your Microsoft Office Project 2007 project is taking longer than you expected, try the following methods to tighten the timing:

  • Modify dependencies so that tasks can start sooner, if possible.

  • Create overlapping dependencies where appropriate.

  • Reduce the amount of slack (but never get rid of it all!) on individual tasks.

  • Add resources to effort-driven tasks to have them finish earlier.

  • Consider whether your project can do without certain tasks (for example, a second Q&A testing phase or a management review of a package design).

  • Outsource a phase of your project when in-house human resources can’t complete it because they’re busy with other tasks.