How to Scroll Around Project 2013 - dummies

How to Scroll Around Project 2013

By Cynthia Snyder Stackpole

In Project 2013, the simplest views, such as Calendar view, have a single pane, with horizontal and vertical scroll bars. Other views, such as Resource Usage view, have two panes: Each pane has its own horizontal scroll bar, and because the panes share the vertical scroll bar, the panes move up and down together.


In most Project 2013 views with two panes, the pane to the left is the sheet a spreadsheet-like interface that displays columns of information. To the right of this view is the chart; it uses bars, symbols, and lines to represent each task in your project and the dependency relationships among them.

At the top of the chart area is the timescale. This tool is used as a scale against which you can interpret the timing of the task bars. To see your plan in greater or lesser timing detail, you modify the time units used in the timescale. For example, you can look at your tasks in detail over days or in a broader overview in months.

By using the horizontal scroll bars in each pane, you can view additional columns or additional periods in any pane with a timescale. Timescale panes cover the life of the project.

Use these methods to work with scroll bars:

  • Drag the scroll box on a scroll bar until you reach the location in the pane that you want to look at. When you drag the scroll box to move in a timescale display, the date display indicates where you are at any time in the scrolling calendar. Release the mouse button when the date display matches the date you want to view.

  • Click to the left or right of the horizontal scroll box to move one page at a time. Note that a page in this instance is controlled to some extent by how you resize a given pane. With a timescale pane and a timescale set to weeks, you move one week at a time. In a sheet pane that displays three columns, you move to the next column.

  • Click the right or left arrow at either end of a scroll bar to move in smaller increments. On a sheet pane, you move about one half column per click. In a timescale view with weeks displayed, you move about a day at a time.