How to Enter Tasks in Project 2013 - dummies

How to Enter Tasks in Project 2013

By Cynthia Snyder Stackpole

What is a project without tasks? After the WBS information is entered into Project 2013, you can start entering tasks. You can create tasks in a few different ways:

  • Type information in the sheet area of the Gantt chart.

  • Enter information in the Task Information dialog box.

  • Import tasks from Outlook.

  • Import tasks from Excel.

You can fill in the details of the task duration and start date at the same time or later.

Many people who work on lengthy projects find that entering all task names in the sheet pane of Gantt Chart view is the quickest and easiest method.. You can simply enter a task name in the Task Name column, press the Enter or down-arrow key on the keyboard to move to the next blank row, enter another task, and so on.

Use the Task Mode column to change the task scheduling mode from Manually Schedule to Auto Schedule for any task not using the default method.

If dialog boxes provide the kind of centralized information form that fits the way you like to work, consider using the Task Information dialog box to enter, well, task information. The series of tabs in this dialog box contain all information about a task.

Follow these steps to create a task via the Task Information dialog box:

  1. In the Task Name column, double-click a blank cell.

    The Task Information dialog box appears. The General and Advanced tabs in this dialog box contain various timing settings for the task.


  2. In the Name field, type a task name.

  3. Click the OK button to save the new task.

    The task name appears in Gantt chart view in the cell you clicked in Step 1.

  4. Press the down-arrow key to move to the next cell.

  5. Repeat Steps 1–4 to add as many tasks as you like.

As you name tasks, make task names in the project both descriptive and unique. However, if you can’t make all names unique (for example, you have three tasks named Hire Staff), you can use the automatically assigned task number or the outline number to identify tasks; these numbers are always unique for each task.

To insert a task anywhere within the list of tasks in Project, from the Task tab, click a task name cell where you want the new task to appear, and click the Insert Task icon. The new task is inserted in the row above. You can also press the Insert key on the keyboard.