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PowerPoint 2003 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From PowerPoint 2003 for Dummies

By Doug Lowe

PowerPoint 2003 contains all the bells and whistles you need to create outstanding slideshows from the main window, where you do most of your work to the variety of helpful toolbars and the handy keyboard shortcuts that help you speed up the process. And, after you create a slideshow, you need to know how to present it as well and PowerPoint 2003 has the tools to make your presentation run smoothly, too.

The PowerPoint 2003 Window

The main window of PowerPoint 2003 is where you do most of the work of creating attention-getting slideshows. Here’s a handy guide showing you where to find PowerPoint’s essential toolbars, buttons, and slide displays:

The PowerPoint 2003 screen explained.

PowerPoint 2003 Toolbars

To create eye-catching slideshows with PowerPoint 2003, you use tools available on a variety of toolbars — mainly the Standard, Formatting, and Drawing toolbars. PowerPoint’s all-purpose Standard toolbar offers options to open a new file, insert a hyperline, and other handy actions as shown:


PowerPoint 2003’s Formatting toolbar is what you use to make the slides look the way you want to them to as far as fonts, alignment, text format, and so on. The Formatting toolbar is shown here:


The Drawing toolbar assists you in adding graphic elements to you PowerPoint slides. You can make your own art, insert clip art or pictures with this toolbar:


PowerPoint 2003 Keyboard Shortcuts for Common Commands

PowerPoint 2003 offers the usual array of keyboard shortcuts for some common, often-used commands. The following table shows which keys to press for quick access to formatting, editing, and some generally useful commands:

Common Formatting Commands   Common Editing Commands   Other Commonly Used Commands  
Command Keys Command Keys Command Keys
Bold Ctrl+B Undo Ctrl+Z New Ctrl+N
Italic Ctrl+I Cut Ctrl+X Open Ctrl+O
Underline Ctrl+U Copy Ctrl+C Save Ctrl+S
Center Ctrl+E Paste Ctrl+V Print Ctrl+P
Left Align Ctrl+L Select All Ctrl+A Help F1
Right Align Ctrl+R Find Ctrl+F New Slide Ctrl+M
Justify Ctrl+J Replace Ctrl+H    
Normal Ctrl+Spacebar Duplicate Ctrl+D    

How to Present a PowerPoint 2003 Slide Show

PowerPoint 2003 is all about helping you create slideshow presentations. The end product is the PowerPoint presentation itself, and the following table shows you which keys to push to start, stop, go back, and otherwise present your slides:

To Do This … Use This … To Do This … Use This …
Start a slide show F5 Display a white screen W
Advance to the next slide N End a slide show Escape
Perform the next animation Enter, Page Down, right arrow, down arrow, or spacebar Go to the next hidden slide H
Go back to the previous slide P Display a pen pointer Ctrl+P
Repeat the previous animation Page Up, left arrow, up arrow, or backspace key Display an arrow pointer Ctrl+A
Go to a specific slide Type the slide number and then press Enter Hide the pointer Ctrl+H
Display a black screen B